Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Treasure Hunt Winner

Our Treasure Hunt Winner is.....


Thank-you so much Renée for playing along in our Blog Hop Treasure Hunt!

To redeem your 10% off in each store, please include the comment '10% TREASURE HUNT WINNER' with your order, and a credit will be issued back to you.

For those of you that didn't get a chance to play along, or are interested in the answers, here's a recap of our clues and corresponding answers.

1.       Scrap N Doodle 
CLUE: Frogs, Zebras, Owls oh my! Baby I could snuggle up in that!
2.       Sandpiper Memories 
CLUE: I’m so egg-cited!  When I wear this, the girls will be green with envy!
3.       Flourishy  
LUE: Baking up a storm?  Forget  that Miss, I’ll be baking up a hurricane!
4.       Jody Jo Girl 
CLUE: This year I’m tossing out the old towels and prettying things up with some summer blooms.
5.       Art Freckles 
CLUE: There is something so magical about a butterfly... they simply make my heart flutter!
6.       Dragonfly Dreamers CLUE:  A little drop of music soothes the soul, and makes dreams take flight.
7.       Brit Chic Jemz 
CLUE: There is something to be said about sitting under the shade of beautiful oak tree.  
It can breath new life into you.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Gabry Road a little better!

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