Saturday, August 11, 2012

Share it...everywhere you can!

You create. You create handmade goodness and you want to share and sell your handmade goodness around the world. Fortunately, online shopping is becoming or rather is, extremely popular and is becoming the 'new way to shop'!  There are plenty of fabulous online marketplaces for you to create a boutique and start sharing and selling. But do you have to limit yourself to one venue? No, you don't. The more places you can set up shop and sell, the better the success rate for you and your labour. 

Take for example, Nerdbiskit, Art Freckles and Dragonfly Dreamers

Nerdbiskit offers you three venues to purchase to her unique and fabulous handmade goodness.
You can purchase Nerdbiskit creations at:

You can find and purchase Art Freckles handmade goodness at:

Dragonfly Dreamers offers you two venues to purchase her amazing handmade jewelry:

There are many more fabulous crafters selling their handmade creations on Gabry Road and elsewhere. Well, why not! Gabry Road offers Canadian crafters, designers and artists a wonderful online marketplace to share and sell their handmade goodness to fans of handmade worldwide. Why limit yourself to one venue? For just a mere $20 per year, you can list and sell your handmade goodness without any listing or selling fees. It's like your own website for just $20 per year. If you are thinking of becoming a seller on Gabry Road, hurry on over and sign up to sell today!

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