Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the Studio with Susan Coish


I am soooooo VERY excited to be able to guest post for the GABRY ROAD blog today....and so excited to welcome you into my little CREATIVE 'studio'! Thank-you Rosa!
My name is Susan Coish and my Gabry Road Boutique is  Scrap 'n Doodle!

I was always a little crafty....from painting by number and putting together model cars as a small child, to cross stitching, and then scrapbooking. My little creative studio is holding ground for all of my scrapbooking goodies....but's been taken over by FABRIC!! LOTS and LOTS of fabric! I am as addicted to pretty fabrics as I am to pretty paper! Which makes my husband very scared, at times! lol 

Here's a little glimpse of my very unorganized fabric stash...I need
With my love of are right to assume that my creative outlet is SEWING!! I LOVE home-sewn items...including purses, tote bags, quits, baby blankets, table runners, etc. I guess you could say that I get my love of sewing from my mother. With 6 children (only 8 years from oldest to youngest) she sewed much of our clothes when we were young! As well, a few years ago, she and my sister owned an online store (called Cute 'n Comfy) where they custom sewed children's clothing! They sent out orders all over North America! Very neat, hey?

My interest in sewing began a year and a half ago and never did I think I would love it this much! Since first dabbling in it, I have created all the items listed above....but my absolute favorite items to sew are quilts! And that is why I have them displayed on Gabry make them available to all of you!

I am a fulltime nurse, working in the Neonatal Unit of our City Hospital. My job can be very stressful at times...ok, most I am also, mom to two, very beautiful, preteen girls. When I have my time off, in between shifts, I sew (and scrapbook) to relieve the stress of work and other things in my daily life routines. Many times I create late at night....after everyone else is gone to bed (including my hubby). 
 I will, now, take you through my little studio to show you a bit of my creating process! 

Before I start any cutting of fabric I try and plan out my quilt design. Here is my planning notebook, with a sketch of my next quilting project. 

My cutting tools, mat....and the fabric I chose for this project. fabric pieces cut and ready to be sewn!

 The sewing machine!! Where all the magic happens!

Most times my sewing is done in this little space...but when it's time to quilt the bigger projects...I move to the upstairs dining table!

My family is very understanding when it comes to my quilting...they know NOT to walk on my pieces once I have them arranged in the perfect order on the kitchen floor! And then know NOT to disturb me when I am in the stressful stage of basting and pinning my quilts! MY most favorite part of quilting?? Handstitching the binding! LOVE that part! That's when the final product comes together in my hands!
The quilt in the pictures above is a baby size and will take me less than a week to complete! 
Keep checking my boutique for it to be added soon...along with another one I have in the finishing stage!

Check out my blog Scrap 'N Doodle to see ideas of tote bags I have created! I hope to add more of these to my Gabry Road boutique soon, as well!

I hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my studio...and my creations!! Thanks so much for following me on Gabry Road! for 'quilts' and I am the only vendor that will be listed! ;o)

Susan Coish



  1. Thank you Susan for being such a great part of Gabry Road!

  2. Susan I knew you were a scrapbooker, but did not know of your love for sewing! It was neat to learn about your process.. thanks so much for sharing with us!

  3. Very cool, Susan! Can't wait to see your new project!