Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get To Know Gabry Road Blog Hop!

WELCOME to the Gabry Road Blog Hop!!

We are so thrilled to have you here, and to share with you some of the many great boutiques that can be found on Gabry Road.  We all have a passion for creating (and giving) handcrafted and unique items, and we know you do too, that's why we're sure you'll LOVE Gabry Road!  

So let's start with a list of all the boutiques participating in today's blog hop, and the order in which you should be hopping along!

Gabry Road <--you are here

NOW, in addition to sharing the amazing talent of these boutique owners, we wanted our blog hop to be more interactive with ALL OF YOU!  So... we're going to have a TREASURE HUNT!!  (I'm so excited about this!)

Here's how it works:
Below you will find a series of clues.  Each clue pertains to an item found in each of the boutiques participating in today's blog hop.  Your task is to figure our from each of the clues given, what item we are talking about. Fun huh?!?!  Now we don't want to make things crazy difficult, because.. well, that's no fun, so here's a tip to help you out.  Each of the clues listed are in order of the Blog Hop boutiques. So for example, clue #1 pertains to an item found at Scrap N Doodle, clue #2 to an item at Sandpiper Memories, and so on and so forth. 

As you visit each of the blogs on our hop, you will find a link to their boutique, so, clue in hand, you can go treasure hunting! Here are your clues....

CLUE #1: Frogs, Zebras, Owls oh my! Baby I could snuggle up in that!
CLUE #2: I’m so egg-cited!  When I wear this, the girls will be green with envy!
CLUE #3: Baking up a storm?  Forget  that Miss, I’ll be baking up a hurricane!
 CLUE #4: This year I’m tossing out the old towels, and prettying things up 
with some summer blooms.
CLUE #5: There is something so magical about a butterfly... 
they simply make my heart flutter!
CLUE #6:  A little drop of music soothes the soul, and makes dreams take flight.
CLUE #7: There is something to be said about sitting under the shade of
beautiful oak tree.  It can breath new life into you.

Make note of the NAME of product you find, and then when you've found all seven, come back here and leave a comment with your list of items.  
We will draw a name from all those who correctly find all seven items.  In the event that no one gets all 7 correct, the individual with the most correct items will win.  Oh, and what is the prize you ask?
The winner will receive 10% off their next purchase 
in EACH OF the participating boutiques! Yes folks, that's 10% off in SEVEN different boutiques!!
(The Treasure Hunt will end at Midnight (12:00am) EST Tuesday August 28th 2012)

Ready to discover a fabulous market place?  To be inspired? To win a Treasure Hunt?  Then GO! GO! GO!

Your next stop is.....  SCRAP N DOODLE!

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  1. my first ever blog hop, how exciting!

  2. My answers:

    1. Baby Boy Quilt (striped)

    2. Wire Wrapped Pendant.

    3. 'Miss Katrina' handmade full apron.

    4. Cricut Cover - Summer Blooms

    5. Art Bits: Self Adhesive Flutter - Heart Embellishments

    6. Bird Copper Necklace

    7. Tree of Life

    What a great way to pass time during a long road trip. Thank you very much!