Monday, August 13, 2012

From The Art Freckles Studio

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Hello all!  Shannon from Art Freckles here, welcome back to my studio.  I hope you all have been enjoying your summer, I know we sure have.  With all this great weather, I often find myself looking for quick creative projects to do and today I thought I would share just one of those projects!

My father is a woodworker, and he often has a bits and pieces of wood scraps laying around his workshop. On my last visit, an idea came to me to turn those scraps into cool vintage key chains.  

It really didn't take much doing, 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, and the results are exactly what I had envisioned.  I love the 'dog-tag' feel they take on with the ball chain don't you?

Wouldn't these make a great add-on to attach to a gift, or stuff in a stocking?  My hubby actually snatched one up to put the lawn tractor key on, and I was thinking that this would be great to put the house key on and attach to the inside pocket of my daughter's backpack.  I wouldn't have to worry about her losing her house key so much!  (Hmmm...  if I keep this up there won't be any left to put in the shop!)

You can find more great products like these in the Art Freckles shop, and I highly recommend taking a moment to check out all the other great shops at Gabry Road. Bypass the mall, shop from the comfort of your own home, and make your gifts unique!

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