Sunday, June 24, 2012


Anyone who has started or who has considered starting a business is well aware of all the associated trials and tribulations. When I first decided to create Gabry Road, I knew what was in 'store' for me in terms of the dedication and work required to make Gabry Road successful. And yes, the struggle continues to get the 'word' out about Gabry Road, not only to potential vendors but also to fans of handmade. Fortunately, the desire to persevere has always outweighed the desire to 'give up' and call it done. I know that one day, Gabry Road will be a great success and a perfect go-to place for purchasing fabulous online but in the meantime, it is testimonials like the one posted by Cookie's Creations which makes my heart sing:
"At times, gratitude is difficult to express... I can not find adequate words to thank the fabulous creator of Gabry Road. I took a chance in joining and creating a boutique. Really, it couldn't hurt to try it out, it was VERY affordable, and it was CANADIAN (what a BONUS)! IT HAS PROVED TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I'VE MADE THUS FAR!! It is SO easy to set up a boutique!! I thought my were selling themselves, like magic, lol, then I realized that my items were being promoted/marketed for me. I am so please and excited!! The level of support I have received as a vendor is unmatched! It's really a silly thing not give it a try. There's really nothing to lose. I'll never be able to thank you enough, Rosa! :)"
Thank you Jenn Rockburn, owner of Cookie's Creations, for doing exactly what Gabry Road was intended create successful boutiques and happy crafters!

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