Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Got envelope?

 Envie crazy? Yes, appears that I have been as of late. Within the last few days I have made over 120 envelopes! Why...hummm...many reasons.

 First and foremost, I don't have to think about what to create. Just select pretty papers and push them through the Big Shot. I have obtained a ton of dies over the last few years and some still bore the original packaging. I knew they were on the shelf but never took the time to actually use them.

 So on top of reaching my goal of 'using what I have' in the studio, I also do not have to fight the bitter cold outside to take a pic of the items for purposes of this blog and Gabry Road! I simply use a nice big window in the family room and can stay comfy and warm. If I make aprons and need to take a pic, I have to go 'outside' to get a good pic! Brrr....and if only my father were reading this he would freak considering he worked outside, everyday, for his entire working career and I can't won't go out to simply take a pic. Ok, I'm not that bad but I sure pick and choose when I actually need to go out. Dear Dad, these aren't Vancouver winters which are generally bearable :)
It appears while it is bitter cold out, the sewing machines will collect some dust but oh well, there is still tons to be made! If you want to see the full array of envelopes, please do visit the Flourishy boutique on Gabry Road.

Stay warm and thanks for stoppin' by!
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