Friday, December 9, 2011


There are many online methods or mediums available for buying and selling handmade, vintage or unique goods. Gabry Road was initiated to provide a safe, secure, reliable and comfortable place to buy and sell Canadian handmade, vintage and unique goods. After discovering the incredible amount of handmade talent in Canada, we truly wanted to showcase Canadian artists, designers and crafters in a unique and fabulous online marketplace. We strive for the very best in buyer/seller communication and transactions so that our buyers feel secure and comfortable in their entire and complete Gabry Road experience.

This doesn't mean you can't sell your handmade goods elsewhere!  Yes, Gabry Road is committed to featuring Canadian artists, designers and crafters but our vendors and boutique owners can also sell on other handmade sites such as Etsy. For example, Sheila Cain-Sample Pencil Artist has a boutique on Gabry Road and on Etsy and she advertises both venues on her blog.

Art Freckles also has a Gabry Road boutique and an Etsy boutique. Simply by selecting the clever 'Shop Handmade' tab on her blog, you can easily locate where you can purchase Art Freckles handmade goodness.
Featuring your handmade goodness in more than one venue or handmade marketplace is fabulous and simply involves inventory management. You can easily adjust your inventory if items sell from one venue which are also listed in anther venue.

We, at Gabry Road, simply want our Canadian artists, designers and crafters to stand out and have a unique place to shine and share. That doesn't mean you can't sell elsewhere!

On Gabry Road, you simply pay a $20 yearly membership. No listing fees. No selling fees. You manage your own boutique and the buyers and fans pay you directly. That's it, that's all!
And during the month of December, we are giving away a free membership! Simply 'Sign Up To Sell' on Gabry Road and you could win your membership fee!

If you have any questions at all, please do
Thanks for stoppin' by and have a fabulous weekend!

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