Friday, August 5, 2011

You love to create...with fabric, paper, yarn or any other medium. Your friends and family are amazed at your creations and encourage you to sell your handmade goodness.   You think this is a great idea but of course, understand the expense and drawbacks of owning a brick and mortar boutique to sell your creations.  But have you considered creating and owning an online boutique to sell and share your handmade goods to fans around the world?

Of course, you have already discovered the joy and exhilaration of having fans admire and appreciate your creations. So just imagine the ability to reach a greater and grander audience! By creating an online boutique on Gabry Road, you can share your goodness with fans across the globe and at the same time,  by selling your handmade goodness, make some money to either support your craft supply expenses or supplement your income!
Obviously, the goal in creating an online store is to sell your creations and the benefit of sharing your handmade goods worldwide but it does take a bit of work to succeed. To meet your goals and expectations from creating an online boutique, there are a few things you must remember and consider.
You need to develop a routine that works for you.  An online store requires the same amount of dedication and effort as a brick and mortar store but the benefit is that you can do all this from home or wherever you have a computer and internet access.  For some, dedicating a few hours each day at the same time works fine but for others, especially those who have another day job, finding time may be more difficult so you may have to scrounge around for time to dedicate to your online boutique.  Having a great support system at home such as family and friends is also a bonus as they will understand the time and dedication you require to establish a successful online boutique.

Updating and promoting your boutique is the key to any successful boutique. Refreshing your items, focusing on what is selling well and of utmost importance, promoting your boutique are details which should be done almost daily. Many believe just because your boutique and goodness is on the world wide web that anyone can find you easily. Sometimes, that is not the case and you have to let everyone know where they can find your handmade goodness. Promoting and advertising your boutique is simple and very inexpensive. With free, online social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest,  classified sites and many more, you can easily let everyone you know about your boutique and encourage your friends and family to let everyone they know about your boutique.
So yes, managing an online boutique takes a great amount of dedication and a fair amount of work but if you love what you do and have the opportunity to do what you love, every single minute and every effort made to glorify your boutique is well worth it. Not only will you achieve the adrenaline rush of seeing sales appear in your boutique but you will also experience the joy of knowing someone else loves your handmade goodness as much as you do!  

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