Monday, August 8, 2011

Why I Craft....

          Hello Sister crafters well, fellow too although that is not so common. My name is Pam and my boutique on Gabry Road is Tinkering.  I am honored to be a guest here on the Gabry Road blog! 
My friend  Rosa has asked me the often pondered question "Why do you craft?...."
I craft because I love to see the finished project. To take a pile of textile or
paper and turn it into a recognisable creation. I love to gift a handmade treasure, I think it adds a personal touch. I love to visit markets and purchase what my fellow crafters and artist friends are making. By doing this I know I am giving a unique carefully crafted  one of a kind handmade treasure.
          I think my earliest memory of crafting would be watching my Grandmother knit. She could knit read a book and rock the baby. I was fascinated by that. I will tell you that was prior to television. I am sure much of her knitting was out of necessity so her husband could have socks. She was the very first person to show me any type of crafting. She taught me rudimentary embroidery. I was 5 years old. My Uncle who was a bachelor could also knit and used a treadle sewing machine to mend his clothes. I come from a long line of crafty inventive ancestors.
            My father was a leather man and made his own tack for the horses. He had a leather sewing machine. It will soon be part of my studio. He worked in an unheated  shed outside so most of his work was done in the heat of summer. Although his shed was cooler than outside, it was still very warm and I can still recall the smell of hot leather and treated canvas that permeated the space. I think I learned my love of sewing from him. My dad was left handed and as I child, if I sat very still and quiet I could sit and watch him work. I credit my ability to see something and make a pattern to him.  {to see a photo pop on over to my blog}
              From there I loved to draw and paint in school. {I am no artist, but that doesn't hinder me trying} As a young adult with no money, my mothers old Elna sewing machine and a tiny baby girl, I would remake clothing to dress my sweet baby. Fabric was also cheaper to purchase.  I still love to stitch a frilly little girl dress. Since the little girls have grown into young ladies with their own particular taste, I now stitch mainly on my scrapbook pages.
This is where I create these days. I outgrew one bedroom and have moved to the basement. My new 'Happy Place' This allows me to better organize and make bigger projects.
So, I guess I create because I L-O-V-E it.  Keep Smiling and Creating !!!

(Pam is the owner of the 'Tinkering' Boutique on Gabry Road. Please do visit her boutique!)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your 'craft' story and more importantly thanks so for being such a great friend and being a part of Gabry Road! Miss you!

  2. Beautiful space, I can see why you get inspired there :)

  3. What a great read! I hopped over to her blog and saw one of the most amazing crafting spaces ever!