Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Freckles

Hi Everyone!  Shannon here.. I am the owner and creative mind behind Art Freckles, and I am honoured to be a guest blogger here at Gabry Road!

So many times I've been asked 'how on earth did you come up with the name Art Freckles'??  Well, truth be told, the name originally came to me when I was thinking of a name for a stamp company.  Having had freckles all my life, I've always looked at them as just a part of who I am.. they where never something that bothered me, and I liked that they made me unique. To me, stamps are like little freckles of art you get to put anywhere your imagination permits, making your creations uniquely yours!  In the end I never did open that stamp company, but Art Freckles went on to be so much more.

My main focus has always been putting together creative kits of sorts... scrapbooking kits, card kits, altered kits, online class kits.. you get the picture!  But that doesn't solely define Art Freckles either.  Coming from a family full of artistic talent, I love to do something creative everyday, and to share that creativity whenever possible. From scrapbooking or sewing, to re-arranging my furniture, to cutting my children's lunch sandwiches into fun shapes... being creative brings me happiness and a sense of calm, something all of us need!

I feel artists of ALL mediums have been blessed with the FABULOUS creation of online venues, such as blogs and online markets like Gabry Road, allowing us to share our art with others.  I love the idea of a hand created gift, and I have met SO MANY wonderful, and highly talented people through Art Freckles that I never may have known otherwise.  Like my store front says, 'Art Freckles is a place where you can find lovingly created, and packaged goodies'.  I feel very fortunate that I have the ability to explore my creative passions often, and I hope you'll stop by the shop to see just what I am up to next!

I want to say a big thank-you to Rosa for allowing me to be a guest blogger here today, and invite all of you to visit me on my blog at
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  1. Thank you soooo much Shannon and it is so nice to have you and your fabulous creations on Gabry Road!

  2. Shannon, I love "Art Freckles".... Great post!