Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why do you craft?

Image Courtesy of Vintage Textile
 For hundreds of years, anything needed or required was made by hand. Whether it was clothing, shelter or accessories, everyone used their natural resources to create. As time went on, machines and factories began to produce what was once handmade. For those living in these ancient and early eras, the notion of having a machine produce what was normally made by hand was a luxury and more than likely welcomed into every community.
Image Courtesy of Vintage Textile

Of course, our society takes for granted the ability to buy most anything ready-made and factory produced. But is it the same as handmade? Definitely not!
Image Courtesy of Vintage Textile
To the benefit of all those who create, design and make crafts, society is changing and realizing the benefits of authentic handmade versus 'made in china' or elsewhere.  Little love and personality goes into crafts and art made by machines and factories. Purchasing from box stores does not allow you the gift of knowing you own an original piece and a work of art made with love from someone's home. But not only that, when you purchase an item from a handmade artist, you also reap the joy of potential new friendships, inspiration and if you are a crafter, designer or artist yourself, them perhaps a little bit of mentoring also .
Image Source: Not Made In China
With the craft community in full bloom and the technological advances allowing artists to share their goods world wide, it has become easier than ever to purchase handmade. Although craft fairs continue to thrive and fair well, with the numerous online handmade markets available, you can now shop from the comfort of your home.  You know that if it was made by hand, it was made by love and you can add a piece of love to your very own home, delivered right to your doorstep!

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