Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More reasons to sell on Gabry Road

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At Gabry Road, we do not judge nor jury your handmade goodness. If you made it, we love it and want you, as a Canadian artist, designer or crafter to share and sell your handmade goodness to the whole world!
As a vendor on Gabry Road, you are your own curator where by definition, to curate means to 'select, organize and look after items'. We at Gabry Road, will promote your boutique to reach every fan possible!

Gabry Road was initiated to allow Canadian artists, designers and crafters to stand out and shine! There are plenty of amazing online handmade and indie marketplaces but Gabry Road is the only online, handmade marketplace to feature exclusively Canadian handmade goodness.

So if you are Canadian and create, why not Sign Up To Sell on Gabry Road!

No Selling Fees
No Listing Fees

You simply purchase a $20 yearly (yes, yearly!) membership and you can create your own online boutique which we at Gabry Road will promote for you!

What could be better than that?

Well there is something even better than that! For the month of June, we are giving away a free membership!
The details are simple: simply 'Sign Up To Sell' on Gabry Road between June 1 and June 30, 2011 and follow the procedure as per usual. At the end of the month, one lucky vendor will have their membership fee reimbursed!

As you already know, you, as a seller on Gabry Road will not pay any listing fees or selling fees. You simply purchase a $20.00 yearly membership and that's it, that's all! So what could be better than winning the membership fee!

Hope to see you soon on Gabry Road!

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