Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Confidence is Good for Business

Hello, hello! It's Brittni here from papernstitch again. I'm stopping by for my third installment of tips for running an online business. Today's post is about confidence and how it will help you with your business. So let's jump in...
When it comes to your business, and even your personal life, you have to be confident in yourself: what you are doing, what you are making, and all of that.
Why? Because confidence promotes positivity and growth. Its good for your business and for you.
Now, of course, this is not an invitation for you to walk around like you are God’s gift. But you also shouldn’t walk around with your head down, mumbling about how much your life sucks and how you’ll never amount to anything either. Trust me. No one wants to hear that.
So why I am talking about this? Because, when it comes to your business, it pays to be confident (not cocky).
Don’t believe me? Here’s an example. Your hand sewn pillows are featured on a popular home decor blog and you see a big boost in traffic and a handful of sales as well. You’re naturally excited about the feature, so after sending out a proper thank you to the person who wrote about your work, you send out a tweet to your followers. It says something like, “Thank you to @homedecor_awesomeness for featuring my hand sewn pillows today. They’re going fast if anyone interested in picking up one of the last few: [shop url]” **Of course, you only want to say something like this if its true! Don’t lie. People will find out, and you will look silly.
Okay now, that tweet not only goes out to all of your followers, but it can also be seen by any of @homedecor_awesomeness followers who visit their twitter page. So, its being seen by lots of eyes. And that is good. This will undoubtedly lead to a little more attention for you and your business. Why? Because as much as we may hate to admit it, people (just like you and me) like buying things that other people like too. Its human nature. That’s how trends start: a few people decide they like something and before you know it, more and more people start to like it too. I am not saying this works every time, but then again I can’t think of many cases that would prove this theory wrong.
If nothing else, you have peaked at least one person’s interest enough for them to click on your shop link. Maybe more than one. Maybe even 60, 70, 100 people click your link, and that turns into a sale. A sale that you got by tooting your own horn (in a non-annoying way).
It’s perfectly okay to do this. In fact, you absolutely should! If you don’t tell people your business rocks, who will? If you’ve been featured on a site you admire, mentioned in a magazine, just found out you’ve landed a speaking engagement, or anything else along those lines (no matter how large or small), you should feel free to announce it. Where? Well that depends on where your customers are. If you have a blog, that’s a great place to make a mention. Your shop profile or about page, facebook fan page, and your biz twitter account are great places too. Why? Because people like buying from shops and sites that are popular or that have some kind of street-cred. Its true.
Just a little something to remember: You don’t want to be yelling from the rooftops everyday. So give it a rest every once in a while because it can start to sound egotistical (and annoying) if it gets to be too much.
Bonus Reason for Keeping Track of your Accomplishments this Way: When you are having a bad day or you get a bad review, take a look at your past accomplishments that you’ve tweeted out (or facebooked, etc) and it’ll cheer you up.
Brittni Mehlhoff is the editor of the handmade blog, papernstitch, where she regularly writes a small business advice column for artists and makers. And she is also the founder of the art and handmade exhibition site, also named papernstitch.


  1. Excellent article Brittni! Thanks so very much for sharing such positive insight.

  2. Thanks Brittni, I especially like the 'rest' occasionally, kinda reminds me I've been resting too long LOL