Saturday, March 12, 2011

Packaging your handmade goodness!

A 'sweet nothing' goes a long way. To help customers and fans remember you and your boutique, sometimes it helps to add a little creativity to how you package your creations for your customer. And it doesn't have to be elaborate or bust the budget!  If you sell larger items, perhaps use some leftover fabric to wrap the item. Alternatively, freezer paper or simple kraft shipping paper adds a unique element to the way the customers receive their goodies. Add bow or tag and you can really wow! your customers.
Inexpensive, handmade muslin or burlap drawstring bags not only keep the small items safe during shipping but the customer receives a special 'gift with purchase' which is always appreciated.
For more fragile or delicate items, if you were to use a box to ship the item as opposed to a bubble mailer, perhaps 'dress up' the box so the customer gets a keepsake at the same time as their purchased goodness.
You don't have to get too elaborate or fancy though. Even a little 'thank you' note enclosed in their packaging will be enough to have the customer remember you. You took the time to make a note..they will remember this and return to your boutique!
Adding or attaching a simple tag is great and adds a part of you to every shipment. At Gabry Road, once you become a vendor and create your boutique, you will receive your very own url or website address. A simple tag featuring the name of your boutique and web address is a perfect way for the customer to remember you and where their goodness came from.  A simple little tag with your contact information can be saved for ease when the customer wants to return to shop in your boutique.  Creating your own tags or labels is very as you can use the programs you probably already have on your computer to create a unique label or tag to enclose in all your shipments.
And don't forget to write a note on the invoice!  A sweet, handwritten 'thank you' truly means you aren't a machine and processing orders without thinking of your customers. A sweet note means you took the time to 'talk' to your customer and this too will let your customer remember you and hopefully, shop at your boutique over and over again.
Is this all necessary if you own a boutique? No, it isn't necessary but simply taking the time to make your customers shopping experience a little sweeter and a little more special will always put a smile on your customers face.
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  1. Awesome tips Rosa!!! Thank you :)