Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tips on Taking Great Photos for your Online Boutique

The obvious difference between shopping in a physical, brick and mortar boutique and shopping on an online boutique rests within the ability of the buyer to hold, feel and closely regard the item. You, as an online boutique owner, would want to allow your buyer the ability to see the item as close as you can to seeing the item in real life. You put a lot of time and devotion in the fine details of your craft so why not make sure that your buyers can see every detail. Of course, natural light is always best for taking great photos of your goodness but sometimes, natural light is not available or you only have time to take your photos when the sun has already gone to sleep. Here are a few ways to take great photos when you don't have natural light available or when you do, and want to take even better photos.
 You can create your own light box if you do not wish to purchase a professional lightbox typically available at camera stores. The instuctions for the above featured light box can be found here at Instructables.

Using a simple, plastic storage box, you can find the instructions to make the above light box here.

If you prefer natural light, this tool is a great one and it's simple and so so easy to create. You can find the instuctions on how to make this fabulous light box at Handmadeology: The Science Of Handmade. If you have the time to browse, Handmadeology is a fabulous resource for tips on how to create your successful online store.  If you don't have the time to browse right now, Handmadeology is definitely worth a bookmark!
If you do not wish to create you own photo light box, you can purchase pre-made photo light boxes at most camera stores. The above light box can be purchased at Henry's Cameras.
If space is an issue, the above light box is can be collapsed and stored away.

The best photographers will take several shots of the same subject to obtain the 'perfect' photo. Even with the light box or any other tool you use to take photos, you may need to take quite a few to get the 'right' one. The beauty of digital photography ensures you do not waste so go ahead, snap away and simply delete the ones you don't like.  The goal is to allow your buyers to see the fine details of your creations. If you need to take photos of various angles, snap away! You can load unlimited photos of your creations for your buyers to view. There are many photo editing programs available to enhance your photos but sometimes, simplicity is best and allows your buyers to see the item as it truly exists and how they will receive it in their homes.

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