Saturday, February 19, 2011

Selling Custom Designs Online

There are of course many great rewards from selling your creations online and one of the best features is that you can also sell custom made items. Thus, you don't always have to have your creations ready to go or ready to be packaged and sent to your grateful buyer. You can simply feature your goods in your boutique which you can create on demand or by personal requests.
Creating custom orders has other benefits. You do not need to purchase an abundance of the supplies you need to make the item and also do not need to find room to store pre-made creations. For some, storage and keeping supplies are not an issue but if you are limited in storage space and maybe time to produce ten of the same item, then you can simply let your buyers and viewers know in the description of the item what the 'custom' details include.

Most buyers would probably want to know in advance:
-possible alternative color combinations
-how long it will take to receive a custom order
-size variations
-if the item is made with fabric, perhaps alternative fabric suggestions can be listed in your description
-if you are unable to obtain an item which is used in the original image, advise your buyer of the substitute item

The one possible disadvantage to using images to describe custom creations is sometimes, the original supplies you used to produce the described item may no longer be available. So, perhaps, before creating your 'sample' item, think of a possible alternative supply in the event the one you current use is no longer available.
When you create your boutique on Gabry Road, the buyers are able to contact you directly via email to discuss custom orders. Therefore, you can let the buyers know everything they need to know, including the price, size, colors, etc. available at that time.

Here are some examples of boutiques which feature pre-made creations and also include the option for customized creations.
Betty-Anne's Paintings has beautiful painting available to be purchased and she also specifies in her boutique description that she does accept commissions.
Berry Bling offers unique and intricate jewelry and also advertises the option for custom made jewelry.

If you prefer custom made scrapbooks or journals to record your precious memories, Tinkering will create one just for you!

If you love to wear aprons or want to give one as a gift, you can contact Flourishy to have one designed especially for you or your friend.

If you were thinking about creating a boutique on Gabry Road, yes, you can simply advertise what you can create for individual buyers.  Again, detailed images and descriptions are very important but you would only have to create the description and image once, as you would your sample item. As you know, you do not  pay any listing fees or selling fees on Gabry Road so for you as a boutique owner, it's a very sweet way to show our friends and buyers what you create.

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